Bell Helmets, Vista Outdoor Products
    262 N. University Ave
    Farmington, Utah 84025

    	Attn. Bell Helmets/Vista Marketing

    I was dismayed to read Bell Helmet's advertisement (in
    __publication_name__).  The ad was notable for its misleading and
    unprofessional content.   By grossly misrepresenting the dangers of
    bicycling, in an obvious attempt to scare children and their parents
    into purchasing Bell products, Bell/Vista limits its own market and
    does a disservice to all cyclists.

    Perhaps the US' inadequate cyclist and driver education encourages
    this sort of sales and marketing.  In any case, to counter the
    strategy a group of concerned cyclists have formed the Committee to
    Boycott Bell Helmets.  You can find their website, "Bell Helmets,
    Campaign of Terror", at

    Promoting safety and helmets is one thing but fear mongering and
    lobbying for helmet laws are altogether different.  I urge Bell
    Helmets/Vista Outdoor Products to reconsider these predatory
    marketing tactics.