BMJ 1999;318:1505 ( 5 June )


Cycle helmets should not be compulsory

   Douglas Carnall
   , BMJ

   Cyclists are advised to wear helmets but legislation to make them
   compulsory is likely to reduce the number of people choosing to cycle
   and would not be in the interests of health, concludes the BMA's Board
   of Education and^ Science.

   International evidence shows that the compulsory use of helmets
   results in a fall in the number of cyclists. The Australian state of
   Victoria made the use of helmets compulsory in 1990, and in the
   following year deaths and head injuries among cyclists fell between
   37%and 51%However, 40%fewer adults and 60%fewer children continued to
   cycle after the introduction of the^ laws.

   About one in five cyclists in Britain currently wears a helmet. This
   proportion would have to be increased by promotional campaigns
   encouraging voluntary action before legislation could^ hope to be^

   Some cyclists are opposed to wearing helmets. Research by the European
   Cycling Federation found that non-cyclists tended to be most in favour
   of helmets. In fact, a much greater number of^ lives would be saved if
   pedestrians and car occupants were encouraged^ to wear helmets.

   The board's previous reports have concluded that the benefit to health
   of regular exercise from cycling outweighs the British cyclist's
   comparatively high risk of trauma. In countries such as the
   Netherlands and Denmark pedestrians and cyclists form a^ much smaller
   proportion of those injured or killed on the road, though helmets are
   little used. Instead, these countries have^ concentrated on safety
   programmes to reduce motor traffic speeds to 30 km/h in urban areas
   and separate cyclists from fast moving traffic.

   Properly fitted helmets manufactured to accepted standards can reduce
   the severity of head injury in a crash, though the tests on which
   these standards are based mimic a fall from a cycle rather than
   collision with a fast moving vehicle, which is most likely to harm an
   adult cyclist.

   Children are more likely to simply fall off their bicycles and may
   therefore derive more benefit from wearing a helmet. However, the cost
   --- between 12 and 90 --- and the necessity of replacing helmets
   every few years as the child grows may be^ prohibitive.

   The report recommends that the government should consider subsidising
   this cost, along with other measures to promote helmets manufactured
   to the highest standard (Snell B95). It also recommends that every
   child should be given the opportunity to learn cycling proficiency and
   that the driving test should be modified to test specifically for
   awareness of cyclists and other road users.

   Children may derive more benefit than adults from cycle helmets

   [20] BMJ 1999

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